WoW PVP Hunter – Use Your Hunter to Dominate PVP

WoW PVP Hunters are one of my favorite classes in the World of Warcraft. When I first started my hunter my goal was to level to 80 as quickly as possible and spends all of my time raiding. Well needless to say that got old really quick. Turns out PVP was my favorite thing to do. Thanks to Wintergrasp I was introduced into the world of PVP and I was hooked. I spent the next couple weeks getting WoW PVP Gear and the rest was history. I enter all the battlegrounds now, use my pet to interrupt enemies casting, use my arrows to dps, and my traps to help defend teams flag.

WoW PVP Hunters are a serious threat and with the right gear can be virtually unstoppable. Hunters aren’t only good for PVP though, most groups that are raiding or even doing a five man raid will gladly accept a Hunter into their group. Hunters for the most part are a DPS class in raids of PVP, but they add some crowd control as well. They can slow down or even freeze the enemy which is great for crowd control or for stopping an enemy from capturing your flag or base in a battleground.

Gear Gear Gear! Gear is a must have no matter what you want to do in the World of Warcraft. I find that getting my Hunter in PVP gear may take a little longer but is much easier because I don’t have to wait for random drops or deal with the frustration of finding a group…did I mention I have PUG groups? With PVP there will always be some guys that aren’t fun to play with, someone will always be in the chat yelling at his team about something, but you its more about the fun, if you die you aren’t risking everyone wiping. All in all PVP is much more fun for me.


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