What is the new Reformation?


The new Reformation is a reestablishment of the Gospel Truth of Union with God. This establishment is founded on that Union as basis in fact who is jesus, therefore it prescribes a standard of Life greatly in excess of the limitations of conventional indoctrination. Learning to understand and appropriate this radical standard of personal Identity is the activity which makes you a part of the movement.

Identity in Christ is the central issue to be addressed in any discussion of Union with God which is the new Reformation. Identity in Christ is what the whole Bible is all about and to read it any differently is to miss everything it says. Your Identity in Christ is why Jesus came in the first place. Your Identity in Christ was established before God said “Let there be Light, ” and will be in effect when the cosmos finally collapses. Your Identity in Christ was established by God and ignorance doesn’t change it a bit. Denial of the Truth does not make the truth untrue.

Identity in Christ being such a big deal, why haven’t we heard more about it before now? That is exactly why New Reformation Protocol is necessary. That’s what we have been wondering for a long time now. Why doesn’t anyone know about this? But since we know it Now, perhaps we will be held accountable for that knowledge. So it might behoove us to find out a few details about what it is we are saying.

Every Christian church of minimum acceptability preaches the same message: You must Accept Christ. However by not understanding what accepting Christ means, they believe they graduate beyond this point and thereby deceive themselves further. That is what makes different churches different. They all have Jesus plus something different, one is Jesus plus this and another is Jesus plus that. If they knew what they were talking about in the first place they would have cashed in on God and been good to go all along. So it must be here that we begin this study in what is Truth.

To “Accept Christ” is to accept your Identity in Christ. So if we explain what that means, then you can know going in, what agreeing to identify with the One they call Christ entails. In fact we just told you what that entails in case you didn’t catch that. To accept Christ means you agree to identify with Christ and thus gain access to your Identity in Christ. So that means Your Identity in Christ is an established fact which remains at waste until by your acceptance of it, you salvage some SMALL Portion.

So how does all this work anyhow? Get ready Now because here comes the word church folks cannot stand to hear. GodSelf is how the whole thing works. As horrifying as this thought is for mortals, it is nevertheless the Truth. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s examine this conclusion from its logical progression. Aside from the fact that Union with God is Gospel Truth, let’s start with the first untruth of relationship with God.

Christians will generally agree that Christ is in me. But the Christ in me is always different from the me in me and thus can never be me. Therefore Christ and Self must forever be in relationship and never unified, with either my identity or Christ’s being in authority over the other at any given time. Can you see how this is a relationship between fear and self-conflict and not a relationship between you and God at all. Such is the blasphemy of a personal relationship with God that Christians are so proud of. To maintain a personal relationship with God is to reject the Covenant of Union provided by Jesus’ Blood in exchange for a personal insult to the Spirit of Grace. Fortunately this treason has been forgiven, so don’t sweat it, God will come in any door you will open to Him, because it is only your defenses that keep Him out.

Assuming we have adequately dealt with the untruth of personal identity let us return to Identity in Christ. Union with God being the foundation of the Gospel it should not be difficult to make the jump to GodSelf. As previously shown, to say you are in Christ but not Christ is a contradiction in terms. Assuming God has made us one with Himself by virtue of His own power, it is mortal arrogance that maintains the separation in our own minds and keeps us disenfranchised. So anyhow back to Identity in Christ.

Union with God implies that Self and God have been united at some point, which is the point of self that is Self. Union with God being the basic Gospel message, Identity in Christ it seems could be used interchangeably with a few other names as well. Like Absolute Self, Truth, Infinite Self, Life, Manifold Singularity, Love of God, Absolution Dynamics, GodSelf, Integration Harmonic, Resurrection Resonance, Morphogenetic Transubstantiation, Positronic Density, God’s Word, Holy Spirit, Light and Rapture. There are probably more but you get the idea.

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