The Real Reason Women Love Drama

What is it with this fascination that women have with drama? It isn’t enough that they like to watch it on TV and the movies and that they read about it… they have to live it.

Excuse me if this sounds a little sexist, I’m not saying that men don’t have their own quirks… that’s most of what we’ve been talking about these e-mails. But women being into drama is something that can completely ruin a great date… a great relationship…hell, it can even ruin a marriage.

So what is the fascination with drama all about…and best yet, what can you do to make sure that it doesn’t ruin what would have been a great connection with a woman? Let’s start with this…

A Look into the Past

Have you ever heard of the great female influencers of history: Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, Marilyn Monroe…even Joan of Arc? If not, just do a little bit of study about their lives and you’ll find that they used one tool to get men to do EXACTLY what they wanted: drama.

It’s really pretty incredible when you think about it: a woman might be physically weaker than a man, but if she can pout and cry or get angry or sad or upset or anything like that…she can command a man’s INSTANT attention and obedience.

It’s the old “damsel in distress” ploy. This is a tactic which women have had to use their entire lives to get what they want…and do you know what?

It works! Most men are scared to death of women getting sad, angry, pouty, hurt, upset or disappointed, so all a woman has to do is use a little drama and she can have just about any man wrapped around her finger.

Would you give up that kind of power?

Don’t think so. So why don’t men use drama to get what they want?

Well {firstname}, we have a bit of a different approach when it comes to getting what we want. Men normally get what they want through intimidation, which is not an option that most women have…so they use drama. It’s kind of a survival mechanism when you think about it, and you really can’t blame them, after all… men are helping to create the problem.

Does Drama Work on You?

Okay, in spite of how much of that ego crusher this might be, it’s time to be completely honest with yourself. Think about the last time that you gave in and did something that your woman wanted you to do that was contrary to your personal values or which you simply didn’t want to.

How did she do it? I’d be willing to bet you a dollar

that she used drama. You probably did it because you didn’t want to “make her mad” or “upset her.” But does this really make sense? Do you really have the power to control another person’s choices and emotions in such a way?

Of course not. But most men give in to this kind of drama Dramacool  because they lack self-confidence to put their foot down…that is, almost all men.

But Badboys don’t put up with drama. They don’t give in when a woman acts pouty, unreasonable, immature or angry. In other words, they don’t let another person’s drama control their decisions. And do you know what?

Ironically, that’s what women really want in a man. Sure, no woman will admit this in the open. But look at the choices in regard to men they actually date. Have you noticed that women don’t go for nice guys who do everything for them?

They are bored with a guy who folds every time that they start turning on the drama…guys have been doing that to them their entire lives, in hopes that if they do what the woman “wants” that she’ll sleep with them.

And the hotter that the woman is, the more accustomed she is to using drama to get what she wants. But when it comes to choosing a man to love and protect her, she really doesn’t want a boy that she can dominate… no matter how hard she might try to.


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