The Essentials For Your New Cat Or Kitten


It is important that you have ready for your new cat or kitten in advance, the following, in preparation for its arrival to its new home.

The basic essentials are:

  1. Food
  2. Feeding Bowls
  3. Bedding
  4. Cat Litter Tray
  5. Toys


Most shops, supermarkets and pet shops have a full range of pet food for your cat. It comes in two main varieties: dry and moist food. Dry food comes mainly in a large bag or small cereal size box and typically looks like small pellets with minimal water content. Moist cat food comes typically in tin or more noticeable now a packet type form. This type of food unlike dry food is moist and has a higher water content, however it does tends to dry out and go off if not eaten at the time. Dry food can work out less costly, will keep a bit longer as long as it doesn’t get splashed with water as it is essential that you provide fresh water alongside it.

Nowadays, you will find quite a variety of foods for your cat, some specially labeled for the kitten, the adult cat and the senior cat. You can also feed a combination of both dry and moist food. It is generally advised that a kitten is fed on small meals, around four times a day. An adult cat won’t need to be fed as often, typically twice a day. You should also have available for your cat a water bowl, washed and replenished daily. Milk is generally not advised to be given as a drink as cats lose the ability to digest lacrose shortly after they have weaned. Cats do seem to like milk but it can give some diarrhea. There is however, specially formulated ‘cat milk’ on the market, that maine coon cat for sale contains less lactose but this is perhaps not as widely available and tends to be more a specialist purchase.

Feeding Bowls

You will need a couple of cat dish/bowls, one for water and the other for solid food. They can be made of plastic, ceramic or metal, it doesn’t really matter, just so long as they are sturdy and have a non-slip base. Saucers are not ideal as kittens tend to end up getting their paws in the saucer during feeding time. You should place food in a quiet area away from the normal hussle and bussle of family life, perhaps a quiet corner in the kitchen, where your cat won’t be disturbed while it is eating its meal. It is essential that you to keep your cat bowls separate from your normal household dishes for hygiene safety. You should thoroughly wash each cat dish in hot water and washing up liquid and rinse well after.


Your cat will need a bed as they have a habit of finding something they like and may find your own bed more appealing so its essential that you have a bed ready for their first night away from their old home. Nowadays, there is a range of beds available commercially from pet shops, made of wicker, fabric or plastic.

Ideally you will want the bed to be washable and look out for ones with labels stating they are easy to wash or machine washable. You might gather up some old clothes, an old blanket, jumper, or t-shirt and use these as extra bedding if required. You don’t need to buy the most expensive cat bed on the market, even an sturdy cardboard box with a hole cut in the side with an old blanket or jumper on top of a few layers of old newspaper will suffice.

Cat Litter Tray

Make sure that the cat’s litter tray is available when you first bring your cat home. It is ideal that you use the same type of cat litter as it has been used to so it will be able to identify that as being the toilet area. You can of course change to a different type of cat litter gradually though some cats may have their own preference.

Your cat could find an alternative ‘toilet’ area if they have difficulty finding the litter tray or find it not cleaned regularly. Remember to keep the litter tray in a quiet, safe area, away from the cat’s bedding or feeding area.


For cats, play takes the form of the hunt, tossing around a toy and gives them stimulation and something to do, particularly for indoor cats. Outdoor cats can have the big open world and back garden to occupy themselves, watching birds, chasing leaves and scratching the wooden fence to mention a few. For the owner, play is a great way to develop a bond with your cat and even something as simple as a scrunched up bit of newspaper thrown back and forth. Older cats may not respond the same in play, but kittens are a delight to watch as they play.

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