Symphony Desert Air Cooler The final Cooling down Alternative intended for Sizzling Summers


Summer heat could be unbearable, especially in regions with high temperatures and dry weather. It is vital to have a reliable cooling solution to help keep your property or office cool and comfortable. The Symphony Desert Air Cooler is a well known choice among homeowners and businesses alike, offering efficient and effective cooling during hot summer months.

In this information, we will explore the features and benefits of the Symphony Desert Air Cooler and why it is the greatest cooling solution for hot summers.

Features of Symphony Desert Air Cooler

The Symphony Desert Air Cooler is filled with features making it a fantastic selection for cooling your property or office during summers. A few symphony desert air cooler of the standout features with this air cooler include:

High Cooling Capacity: The Symphony Desert Air Cooler is made to provide efficient cooling for large spaces. With a cooling capacity as high as 200 sq. ft., this air cooler can effectively cool large living rooms, bedrooms, and even office spaces.

Large Water Tank: This air cooler comes with a large water tank capacity as high as 60 liters, ensuring extended hours of continuous cooling without the necessity for frequent refilling.

Air Throw Distance: The Symphony Desert Air Cooler has a powerful air throw distance as high as 45 feet, ensuring effective cooling even in large spaces.

Inbuilt Ionizer: This air cooler is equipped by having an inbuilt ionizer that purifies the air and removes dust particles, allergens, and other pollutants from the air.

Power-Saving Technology: The Symphony Desert Air Cooler is made to save energy and reduce electricity bills. It consumes only 185 watts of power, which makes it an energy-efficient cooling solution.

Advantages of Symphony Desert Air Cooler

Cost-Effective: The Symphony Desert Air Cooler is a cost-effective cooling solution in comparison to traditional air con systems. It consumes less power and requires minimal maintenance, which makes it an affordable choice for homeowners and businesses.

Eco-Friendly: This air cooler uses natural evaporative cooling technology, that will be eco-friendly and doesn’t harm the ozone layer. It is a sustainable cooling solution that reduces carbon footprint and helps preserve the environment.

Simple to Use: The Symphony Desert Air Cooler is easy to use and maintain. It is sold with simple controls and doesn’t require professional installation, which makes it a hassle-free cooling solution for homeowners and businesses.

Portable: This air cooler is portable and could be moved from room to a different, which makes it a versatile cooling solution for homes and offices.

Health Benefits: The inbuilt ionizer in the Symphony Desert Air Cooler purifies the air and removes dust particles, allergens, and other pollutants, ensuring clean and healthy air at home or office.


In conclusion, the Symphony Desert Air Cooler is a reliable and efficient cooling solution for hot summers. Using its high cooling capacity, large water tank, powerful air throw distance, inbuilt ionizer, and energy-saving technology, this air cooler has an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional air con systems. Its simplicity of use and maintenance, portability, and health benefits allow it to be a well known choice among homeowners and businesses buying a cost-effective and sustainable cooling solution.

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