School Management – Understand It’s Features

School’s is becoming very smart these days by implementing and integrating online school management software in their day-to-day tasks. Task such as storing student admission management, student fees management, student library management are becoming so easy.

School Management Features

Student Admission Management Software
Admission management for students is a very big task for any school. To store grade-wise record for students who have applied for admission, selection of students on the basis of their merit list, allocation of classes and roll no. These activities should have taken more time if its done manually. Automated software can save time and reduce efforts for student admission process.

Student Fees Management Software
In student fees, management The Cost Savings of Telematics module must be able to store each and every student’s name, their roll number, their class information, and information about fees like pending amount and postpaid amount of school fees.

Student Library Management Software
Library Management Module can store ISBN number for each and every book. it is a unique code which assigns to each book so that book can identify easily. When student issues any books from the library, Student’s roll number can store in front of the books ISBN code. A smart library management software can calculate fine automatically who submit issues book after the due date.

Transportation Management System
Transportation management system must come up with vehicle tracking system so that parents and administrators can know the position of each and every vehicle. Each and every pupil has assigned a different vehicle for transportation related to their bus route.

Attendance Management Software
The attendance management system can track absentee and presentee record for each and every pupil. Attendance record should store as per their name and grade wise. course or subject wise attendance calculation.

Hostel Management Software
Hostel management system can record all the records who are living in a hostel and their allocated rooms. The software can easily identify vacant room or future vacant room for accommodation.

Timetable Management System
Timetable management system can manage student timetable as well as teacher timetable. It can also manage and allocate teachers as per their subjects, If any teacher is absent then it can also show the name of those teachers who are free to take the proxy lecture.

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