Road to Riches in the World of Warcraft – Get the Gold


If the saying that “money makes the world go round” is true, then it’s no different in the World of Warcraft. Much similar to the American economy, the money of choice in World of Warcraft is bronze, silver and gold. In WoW 100 bronze is equal to 1 silver and 100 silver is equal to 1 gold with gold being the main form of currency. Acquiring gold in World of Warcraft is easy, killing a few monsters and selling the items that drop off them can easily earn you a few silver.

Most players don’t even bother dealing with bronze as it’s value is so minuscule. It’s like having loose change in your pocket. By the time you reach level 40, gold and silver become an important factor in your game play. In order to make your player stronger, you’ll need to acquire armour, weapons and trinkets, that can be bought for gold or silver.

Buying World of Warcraft gold has become a popular way to acquire gold the easy way. It’s rather simple…you find a reputable gold seller, pay him real money and they send you WoW gold in-game. It’s become quite a lucrative venue for gold farmers. But gold buyers need to beware of this fast and easy method of acquiring gold, as it comes with some risk. Not only do you have to trust the company selling you the gold, but Blizzard also frowns upon this practice. If you happen to get caught buying gold, your account and all relating accounts (your gold provider) will be permanently banned. You will not be banned immediately, but your name will be placed on a ban list that will be put into effect on the next patch.

With this in mind, how do we go about accummulating the WoW gold to equip our players? Farming WoW gold is the easiest legitimate way to acquire gold. Several guides have been written on how to go about farming World of Warcraft gold, but basically farming gold is to kill mobs in a certain area that has a high chance to drop items of value. These items can then be sold for gold to players who may be in need of them.

World of Warcraft is filled with many farmers. Some of these players are hired to farm gold to be sold on websites, others are “bots” a scripted program that will play the game for a player, killing and looting for hours upon hours. There is no way to remove these players, but you can report them to Blizzard with the red question mark on your user interface.

Another method to acquire gold is to use the Auction House. Items that you Buy wow gold   have accumulated during your travels may listed here for sale. Before listing an item at the Auction House, you need to determine it’s value. Check out the demand (what a player may be willing to pay for that item). Another factor is the rarity of the item. Items that are really rare sell for a lot more. The level of the item will also determine it’s price as higher level items sell for a greater amount.

Instances are another source to acquire gold. Instances drops many of the Bind On Pickup Blues. An Enchanter would be able to disenchant these items and selling the resources to Enchanters at the Auction House for a larger profit. By the same token you could also enchant an item before selling it. Good luck in your farming of gold in Azeroth, we hope you find many rare drops that will soon make you rich in the World of Warcraft.


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