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Real men most definitely take care of their skin. Grooming counts, whether your daily ride to work is in an elevator to the top of a skyscraper or on a horse heading out on the range. Men’s aftershave works to close skin pores after a shave, but there’s much more to it than that!

Unless you’re Rip van Winkle, you’ve got to shave at some time or another. Aftershaves are formulated to get the skin back to normal after the stress that a razor puts on it. Most aftershaves are some type of liquid-like a cologne splash-and yes, they do sting! They not only reduce pore size to protect your skin from external elements, they also inhibit the chance of infection.

To avoid the sting, many guys use Men’s aftershaves in invictus aftershave the form of lotion, powder, gel, or balm. But no matter what type you use, find one with a pleasant scent. And change up your aftershave from time to time, because what smells great for one occasion doesn’t always work for another.

Men’s grooming issues have come a long way. It’s no longer just a female thing to cleanse and exfoliate your skin regularly. Keeping product for this in the shower makes it easy to maintain healthy looking, blemish-free skin. You also need to moisturize, to protect your several layers of skin, preferably something with a sun-protection factor (SPF). And finishing your routine with the right aftershave protects your skin from razor burn.

The first Men’s aftershave recognized none of these issues-it was actually a splash-on made from rum-yes, alcoholic rum-and sometimes scented with berries. It was called Bay Rum, and it’s still an immensely popular scent in aftershave products today. Some men say that it’s a spicy scent, with a hint of cloves, and certainly not floral. You can never go wrong wearing a Bay Rum aftershave when you’re meeting your fiancée’s father at the Club. It portrays an aura of tradition and strength.

Another age-old but completely natural aftershave was witch hazel. It’s actually a plant extract that offers an astringent, cooling effect on the skin. You can still buy a witch-hazel aftershave that tightens up and cools the skin, even without much of a fragrance. But many of today’s products offer so much more than that!

Many Men’s aftershaves-astringents, balms, and other types-use a little menthol in the base. The most popular scents have a slight scent of menthol, sometimes tempered with twinges of lemon or lime. Something like this works great for a sports outing, whether you’re playing or spectating.

Orange blossom oils are used in some Men’s aftershaves today, and in the last few years it’s a scent that turns women on. You can try Royall Mandarin. Other popular fragrances are woodsy or herbal scents. Give Men’s North Woods aftershave a try. Women also seem to love herbal blends or something with a touch of cinnamon or vanilla. Cool Water carries notes of mint, sandalwood, musk, rosemary, and orange. Ralph Lauren’s Polo remains popular with its crisp, clean scent.

Your body chemistry ultimately decides which Men’s aftershave is right for you. Experiment a little with one or two from your drugstore shelf-because you don’t have to spend a lot to smell nice-and also visit your local department store. You no longer have to put up with being sprayed by a cologne or aftershave demonstrator; pick up one of the cards available on the various counters, spritz it with whatever scent you’re interested in trying, and if you like it, take it out for a spin.


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