Logistics in Ukraine

Modern business is rapidly developing, causing a similarly rapid Business in Ukraine  development in different service sectors. Logistics is not a new thing for Ukraine at all, yet its significance can not be denied.

Companies that provide logistics in Ukraine are constantly evolving year after year. Many of these Ukrainian logistic companies provide a variety of logistic services. What matters is that you have a way to choose the means of transportation that fulfill your requirements of delivery time and price.

Depending on the amount of the goods, time constraints and your personal preferences these companies can offer sea, rail, motor and air transportation of cargoes.

If sea transportation is what you prefer, best find a company that can also do all the necessary paperwork, as well as transport the cargo to its destination. Odessa port is one of the most popular ports in Ukraine. That is why most import and export goes through this Ukrainian port. But there also many other ports too. For example, you can choose the port in the Crimea.

Railway transportation is most widely used to move cargo around. Goods can be transported between cities and between countries.

Motor transportation is widely employed by both large companies and individuals. Such means of transportation works equally well for small parcels and large batches of goods.


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