Hunting Backpacks – Three Key Features of a Great Hunting Pack

Every hunter knows that having the right gear can make or break a successful hunt.  One of the most important pieces of gear is the Hunting Backpack.  When you’re on a hunt you should be concentrating on out witting your prey, without any distractions from your gear or pack. One way to insure this is to use a good quality hunting pack that suits your hunting needs.

There are three things to look for when buying a quality hunting pack: comfort, durability and ease of use.

Comfort –  A great hunting pack will be comfortable to ware.  Make sure that the pack is adjustable to your body shape and size. The shoulder straps, chest straps and waist band should all be adjustable and fit your body type and size.  Good packs will adjust in all these areas so that the pack is held firmly on your back, and the weight load is carried mainly on your hips.  Choosing an internal frame vs. external frame is largely a mater of preference, as there are great hunting packs in both these configurations.

Also, keep comfort in mind when you think about those popular ‘add on’ gear bags used to carry tri-pods, bino’s, and other types of gear.  When loaded these gear bags can throw off the balance of the pack, thus causing it to ride awkwardly on your body.  This can cause unsteady balance as you walk resulting in blisters on your feet, shoulders and hips. No hunter needs this kind of distraction and pain from their hunting pack and gear.

Durability – Durability starts with a hunting pack that is made of quality material.  Most modern hunting packs are made from materials that include leather, canvas and synthetic fabrics.  The best packs have materials that are coated for water and UV-Ray resistance. In addition these fabrics are breathable and tear resistant .  Many of the best hunting packs have proprietary materials and coatings, making them highly durable and long lasting. Provided that the owner uses the proper care and cleaning techniques.

In addition to great material, a durable hunting pack needs to have reinforced stitching around all the edges.  Many hunting pack manufactures employ double or triple stitching on all sewn seams.  Be sure to look for these qualities in your next pack purchase.
A good hunting pack will be durable enough to withstand being in the wilderness in all types of conditions. That can mean anything from wet and cold, to dry and hot conditions.  Knowing that your hunting pack is keeping your gear and provisions dry and safe will help keep your mind on the prey.

Ease of Use – As with any hunting equipment it must be easy to use.  Consider the type of hunting you do most often and purchase the pack accordingly.

An easy to use pack is one that holds all the gear you need, and is designed so you can access it in the field.  Most hunting packs (pack systems) have external compartments that will carry all types of equipment.  Try making a list of your essential hunting gear before you shop. Then use the list while you shop for the hunting pack. Check each item off the list as you determine where the item will be stored in the pack.  Be sure that the hunting pack you choose will hold all your gear from the list and that you can get to it quickly in the field.

There are times that you need to remove your pack; make sure that you can do this quickly, easily and quietly. Test the zippers and other fasteners to be sure they operate easily without excess noise or strain. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a short day trip or a long multi-day back country hunt, choosing the right hunting pack will help you bag your prey.


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