Hiring A Licensed Concrete Cutting Contractor

Sure there have been advancements in concrete cutting in regards to speed and horsepower but the basic premise remains similar. Circular diamond blades are mounted to a gas powered, electric or hydraulic power units that are used to cut through reinforced concrete and masonry. After the cut has been made through the material, one can remove that section while leaving the adjacent area undisturbed.

There are many application one would hire such a service. For example,  Concrete Contractors Santa Fe NM saw cutting trenches inside buildings for new plumbing lines to be added, or gaining access to existing one’s that may be in need of repair. Also, the same principle for cutting on flat work also applies to walls. Wall sawing is where tracks and a power unit is mounted to a concrete or block walls and general four cuts are made. After the cuts have been made that cut portion can be removed. Most often, Walls are cut for new doorways to be added or large access holes are cut for new conduits such as air conditioning ducts.

Sawing concrete can be dangerous work and wall sawing is especially dangerous. should your project ever need such a service we recommend that you hire a experienced Cutting,Breaking and Removal contractor. In addition to hiring a professional contractor we advice you to check out the contractor before he starts work on your project. Make sure he has all the necessary proper documentation. Such as, a copy of his State Contractors License. Proof of insurance. Workman’s Compensation Insurance. If He can’t produce these documents then you can be liable should something go wrong on your project.


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