Get a Alsons Showerhead for Affordable Style

The signature Alsons shower head is the traditional four-spray showerhead under product number 647. This Alsons shower head retains the exemplary level of performance of past generations of the product while bringing the design into the 21st century. The four-spray showerhead can be twisted to alternate between a heavy full spray, a fine full spray, a fast massage, and an aerated spray. Alsons’ four-spray showerhead is available in four finishes including the company’s own Brilliance® stainless steel and the light gray hue of chrome.

Another Alsons showerhead popular among homeowners is the traditional five- Lost Mary spray showerhead under product number 678. The five-spray showerhead adds a trickle setting to the aforementioned spray settings to allow bathers to apply shampoo and soap without a torrent of hot water. Alsons has begun adjusting the size and shape of its showerhead nozzles to prevent clogging, evidenced by the anti-clog nozzles on the five-spray showerhead. This Alsons showerhead is available in seven finishes including the rich oil-rubbed bronze finish and the Brilliance® brass that is one of the company’s most popular colors.

Homeowners looking for more sophistication from their alsons shower heads can purchase the European-style five-spray showerhead under product number 625. This European-inspired showerhead gives a nod to the more elegant styling of past fixtures rather than the economical showerheads of today. This Alsons showerhead is similar in function to the traditional five-spray, but offers only six finishes to interested consumers. In addition to the Brilliance® brass and stainless steel finishes, the European-style showerhead can be ordered in white to complete an elegant master bathroom.

These three showerhead models are only the tip of the iceberg for Alsons customers. The company offers dozens of showerheads under its Designer Showers heading. These Alsons showerheads range from smaller and lighter showerheads for easy movement to the unique Bidet Shower for quick bathing. Alsons is also well-known for its ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) designed shower fixtures and seats. The company has outfitted hundreds of homes, businesses, and public buildings with ADA-compliant showers to ensure that users can transfer from wheelchair to shower without any difficulty. Of course, a homeowner can use the Custom Shower System option at the Alsons website to create a unique combination of shower heads and accessories.

Alsons showerheads are excellent products, but they cannot function without the right accessories. The Alsons website along with its network of authorized retailers sells accessories to match any finish or product. Homeowners can find wall mounts for all Alsons’ showerheads that are easy to install and stand up to the rigors of daily use. The hoses connecting the Alsons showerhead to the wall can be matched with any finish for a stylish bathing space. From adapters to hand railings, Alsons is an invaluable resource for homeowners trying to find cohesive looks for their bathrooms.

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