Freelance Writing Business: Why Writing for Money Offers a Fabulous Path to the Mobile Lifestyle


Most people who fall in love with Tim Ferris’ groundbreaking book about living the mobile lifestyle struggle with the exact same aspect of the reality he proposes-building the income streams needed for his particular brand of location independence. Muses, or businesses built for freedom of location and time, can certainly transform your life if you have the required skills, vision, and drive to create them.

But for the inexperienced, the needed paradigm shift presents an insurmountable hurdle. And thus, when initial efforts fail, many would-be globe-trotters just go back to being “realistic.”

I don’t want you to give up the dream.

Obtaining the freedom to roam the world is not impractical at all-not these days. Expecting to learn everything needed to create completely passive online income in a matter of months, however, does come across as extremely naive.

So how about just embracing a more reasonable game plan? How about a plan that might not completely free your time (yet) but allows you to live in paradise now?

If you fantasize about the footloose lifestyle but have no idea how to make it happen, a service business can solve your dilemma. More specifically, a freelance writing business.

Let’s have a look at why:

Ease of Start-up

I know of no easier way to get on the Internet now and start making money than to provide a content writing service. You don’t need some fancy degree. You don’t need to spend months or even weeks learning reddit essay writing service and practicing a new skill.

You don’t, and I know I’ll regret saying this, even have to be the best writer in the world. We’re not talking about writing novels here; we’re talking about writing basic articles, product reviews, and blogs, at least to start.

If you got okay grades in English class, you’ll be fine. If people tell you that you’re a good writer, ever, you’re going to cream the competition.

And You Can Start Today

Not only does a freelance writing business take zero experience, unlike other location-independent business models, you can start making money today and build a very solid income within a month or two.

You’ll need to work hard, sure, but it’s very doable.


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